Love New Balance Running Shoes?

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If you’re one of the millions who love New Balance Running Shoes, you’re in very good company! Athletes and those who simply run for fitness or enjoyment are crazy about these shoes, for a number of reasons. While style is important to some people, many today are finding they would rather have footwear that offers outstanding support, cushioning, and comfort than those that look good, but provide very little else. With New Balance running shoes, you get both, so if you enjoy wearing casual or athletic shoes with shorts, jeans, or other casual or sports wear, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

It seems that more people are really getting into fitness today than ever before. You may jog or run in your own neighborhood or at a nearby running trail, or perhaps a treadmill or stair climber is your machine of choice. Even if you choose to walk for 30 minutes each day, there is no other footwear that protects your feet and provides the comfort of New Balance running shoes, whether you are male or female. Perhaps you are a teen who runs track at school, or an adult who regularly participates in marathons around the U.S. Both casual and serious runners are demanding shoes that are of the utmost in quality, and designed to give feet, ankles, and legs the support necessary to avoid sore or aching feet at the end of the day. The right pair of athletic shoes can also help prevent serious injuries.

Even if you’re brand new to running, New Balance running shoes are an ideal choice. The 8505 offers spring-like action and a honeycombed midsole, made of durable materials that lengthen the life of the shoes. While they’re certainly not cheap, at about $80 or $90 you can enjoy knowing that your money is well spent, as a pair will last you for a very long time, providing unsurpassed comfort.

Just as every individual’s face is unique from all others, people have very different feet as well, meaning various problems that should be addressed by the athletic shoes they wear. For instance, some people have flat feet, while others have very high arches. Others may over- or under-pronate, which simply means their weight is distributed more to the inside or outside of their feet, causing them to walk putting more pressure on these areas. Regardless of what type of problem you may have, or if you have perfect arches and no other foot issues, New Balance has a running shoe that is perfect for your unique situation.

Imagine feeling light as air when you’re running, no heavy or cumbersome shoes weighing you down. Most styles are extremely light, unlike some other brands which can leave you feeling bogged down, or as though you feet are the heaviest part of your body. This is definitely not a feeling you want when you’re engaging in an activity that should feel freeing!

No matter what brand of shoe you choose, it’s important to acclimate to a new shoe; trying different brands and designs in quick succession will no doubt leave you with stiff, aching calves, sore feet, and plenty of blisters. Whether you are a man, woman, or teen, what you put on your feet is important if you run on a regular basis, whether in competition or for fitness. To ensure the fastest possible run in pure comfort, try out a pair of New Balance running shoes. The only problem you may run into (no pun intended) is there are so many styles and features, it makes it tough to choose!

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New Balance Running Shoes, Because Every Runner Deserves Comfort, Support, and Speed

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 Runners love New Balance running shoes, for many reasons.  Some individuals run for pleasure and fitness, others have a competitive nature and enjoy running the toughest marathons.  Still others just enjoy a leisurely run or jog every now and then to clear their minds and relieve stress and anxiety.  No matter why you do it, you deserve to be comfortable and reduce the risk of injury as much as possible.  New Balance running shoes take care of all of your needs, even if your need is for lightning speed so you can leave your competitors in the dust!

The fact is, not all athletic or “tennis” shoes as some people call them are all alike.  Some are made for walking, some for specific sports, some just to wear with leisure or casual clothes when you’re out for a stroll on the beach or just enjoying a relaxed day.  For those who take the sport of running seriously, whether for fitness, competition, or pleasure, New Balance running shoes deliver and offer so many options for individuals with specific foot problems such as over- or under-pronating, flat feet, weak ankles, or whether you simply need added support and cushioning.  Who knew that running didn’t have to end in aches and pains, blisters, and possible injuries?

The fact is, running can be hard not only on your feet and ankles, but on your knees, legs, even your back.  New Balance Running Shoes make it possible to enjoy your passion without having all of the aches and pains many runners often face.  It is a proven fact that the right shoe for each individual’s foot type can help a runner stay free of injuries and enjoy more comfort.  Those with what are referred to as a “neutral” running style, (no over- or under-pronation) have a huge array of styles to choose from, but even those with feet issues will find that there are plenty of styles to choose from, all with features that meet your individual needs in regards to cushioning, extra shock-absorption, added support, etc.

One of the best New Balance running shoes for woman is the 759, a shoe designed for women with a neutral gait.  This shoe features an optimal blend of support and cushioning, and offers a breathable mesh upper; the midsole enhances comfort and absorbs shock, while you can enjoy running on a variety of surfaces because of the rubber outsole which provides reliable traction and durability.

Individuals who are flat footed are more prone to have problems with over- or under-pronation, which simply means you may tend to run on the insides or outsides of your feet.  New Balance running shoes offers solutions for this as well, providing features such as motion control and stability which help those with these foot problems maintain a stable foot; that is, it helps you run using the central area of your foot, rather than running on the inside or outside, which can affect performance.

Regardless of your needs, you deserve to enjoy comfort, support, and shoes that are quality, durable, those you can count on to take you miles further than the others you have tried in the past.  If you’re a serious runner who wants the utmost in comfort and the ability to let your feet fly faster than ever, give New Balance running shoes a try.  Chances are this is the brand you will trust with your feet and your performance for years to come.

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New Balance Running Shoes – Because Runners Deserve the Very Best

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New Balance running shoes have been around for years, and remain a top pick for avid runners around the world today for many reasons.  Whether you are someone who runs for enjoyment and exercise, runs track in high school or college, or competes in the toughest marathons around the country, it is important that you take care of your feet properly, and enjoy comfort while in action.  These are just some of the reasons so many people rely on New Balance running shoes!

Runners are prone to injuries not only of the feet, but legs as well.  This is why it is so important to choose the right footwear, as brands that do not offer good support and cushioning can result in injuries.  Most people who run are passionate about it, and do not want an injury keeping them “out of the game” for a prolonged period of time.  By choosing New Balance Running Shoes, many injuries can be prevented – and even at the end of the day, you can enjoy feet that are not sore, blistered, or aching.

While there are countless well-known brands in athletic or running shoes including Nike, ASICS, Adidas, and Under Armour, there is simply no comparison when it comes to quality, durability, and the comfort and protection features New Balance has to offer.  Some of the most well-known athletes in the world rely on this brand, which places much of its focus on the continuous development of features to increase comfort, wear, and injury protection.  These folks focus most on quality and durability rather than looks or style, because serious runners prefer a shoe that will enhance their performance and protect their feet.

This brings us to one more reason so many athletic types prefer New Balance running shoes – their performance enhancing capabilities!  Imagine when you are running a feeling that is light as air, as if you are flying across clouds with hardly an effort.  These shoes help reduce the often jolting impact of the heel striking the pavement or other surface, offering a sense that you are smoothly gliding instead of having a teeth-rattling sensation that your entire body is being jarred each time your foot strikes the ground.

New Balance running shoes offer various features depending on the style you purchase designed for those with flat feet, high arches, even for those who have issues such as under- or over-pronation.  This means that even for those who do not have what would be considered a “normal” foot, you can enjoy the ultimate in comfort, stability, and support.  Many people feel that one running shoe is pretty much like the rest, however when it comes to those who run passionately and enjoy the experience of feeling free and though they were in flight, nothing could be further from the truth.  Many shoes designed for runners are somewhat heavy, clunky, and simply uncomfortable, which can slow you down and leave you with feet and legs that ache at the end of the day.

Most running or athletic shoes are certainly not cheap, so if you are going to pay good money for a shoe designed for those who jog or run, why not choose the brand that makes your passion more enjoyable and comfortable than ever before?  Protect your tootsies and feel as though you can jump through the clouds with a sense that you are light as air with New Balance running shoes.  As an avid runner, don’t you deserve the very best in footwear?

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New Balance Running Shoes – A Must for the Serious Runner

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Serious runners demand shoes that will work as hard as they do, and there is no better choice than New Balance running shoes.  Whether you’re serious about running 3 miles every day to stay healthy and fit, run running marathoncompetitively, or participate in marathons on occasion, you must have a shoe that provides support, is comfortable, and lets you fly as fast as your feet will carry you.  This is exactly what you’ll get with New Balance Running Shoes – perfection.

So, what are the most important factors to consider when it comes to choosing a shoe you can count on every time you put them on and lace them up? 

Comfort.  Nothing is worse than an athletic shoe that doesn’t fit properly.  At the end of the day, your feet are sore and ache so badly you have a hard time sleeping at night.  You may end up with blisters on your heels or toes, and your feet feel as though they have taken a beating.  New Balance running shoes provide exceptional cushioning, supreme support and the comfort you need to end the day with feet that feel like they have been pampered.

Wear.  No matter what brand you choose, if it’s one that is trusted and well known it likely costs a pretty penny.  Athletic shoes are not cheap today; in fact, they are an investment in your performance and the health and comfort of your feet, ankles and even your back and legs.  Because you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on shoes every time you turn around, it’s important those shoe-testingyou choose will stand up to the rigorous activity you put them through, so quality and durability are important.  New Balance running shoes stand up to wear and tear; you’ll be amazed at just how long they last and how well they hold up.

Stability.  Some shoe companies apparently believe that all runners’ feet are alike, because other than size and width they’re pretty much all the same.  The thing is, some people put more pressure on certain areas of their feet, and thus their shoes as well.  You may tend to walk or run on the outer soles of the feet, whereas someone else may tend to put more weight on the inner soles or even the heels.  Perhaps you need more toe room or more support overall.  Whatever your unique needs, New Balance running shoes offer the stability and support you need to protect your feet and make every run one that counts.

The fact is, no one wants to pay a fortune for over-priced shoes that really don’t perform, or that wear out so fast they’re having to purchase new ones every other month.  When you pay $100 or more on a pair of shoes, you expect them to take care of your feet, last for a good long time, and help you enjoy your best runs ever.

New-Balance-Shoes-Whether you’re a man, woman, or teen, if you are a serious runner you want a shoe that is as serious as you are – and it doesn’t hurt if the shoe is good-looking as well, just in case you decide to wear it with jeans, shorts or other casual wear.  Enjoy your best runs ever, fly like the wind, and love knowing that the shoes you are wearing can do it all, and will get you to the finish line in record time.  New Balance running shoes are the answer to the serious runner’s prayer!

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New Balance Running Shoes Give You a ‘Leg Up’ Whether Your Run for Fitness or Competition

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For fitness, there is no better exercise than walking, jogging or running – and the great thing about it is that there is no special equipment required, other than a great pair of shoes.  New Balance running shoes are the perfect happy runnersolution whether you run for fitness, or compete in marathons or field competitions.  Whether you’ve decided to get in shape and have chosen running as your fitness activity, or are an athlete and want the best in support, durability and comfort, New Balance Running Shoes have a solution for every need in regards to support, flexibility, weight, fit and size.

What problems have you had with the shoes you wore in the past for jogging, running or competition?

If you’ve ever found yourself with sore feet, blisters or aching feet at the end of the day, you know how miserable it can be.  Some athletic or running shoes are simply heavy; they weigh not only your speed down, but your feet as well.  Others aren’t cushioned sufficiently, and you can tell it every time your feet strike the ground by the jarring impact.  Some are just not comfortable at all, whether it is due to inferior quality, the wrong fit or some other factor.  All around, New Balance running shoes are just superior to other brands, keeping your feet well-protected and comfortable no matter how far or how fast you run.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could run barefoot?  Nothing makes you feel like a “free spirit” more than the feeling that you are light as air, flying through the breeze with nothingminimus-3090-8 to hold you back or weigh you down.  This is the feeling you get with New Balance Minimus line of shoes, designed to satisfy those looking to achieve a “natural” experience that is closer than ever before to barefoot running.

The truly great thing about New Balance running shoes is that the company never stops testing and trials in their efforts to develop shoes that suit every possible need a runner could have.  Various technologies such as Abzorb, N-ergy, TPU Post, Stability Web, Medial Post and Graphite Rollbar mean shoes designed for every need.  Whether you need better midfoot support, pronation control, shock absorption or enhanced cushioning, you’ll find that you (and your feet) are in Heaven when you don a pair of New Balance running shoes.

relieving stressFor many people, running is a way to relax, relieve stress and simple free their minds of all of the issues life has to offer.  It’s a way to focus on your health and a strong, fit body that becomes stronger with every step you take.  Perhaps you begin your run with a bit of dread, and by the time you reach your destination you decide you could push yourself a little further – and actually enjoy it.  This is what it’s all about for passionate runners, and those who are passionate about their sport deserve a shoe that’s just as passionate as they are.  Hence, New Balance running shoes, the shoes that take you as far as you want to go in pure comfort and a lightness that makes you feel as though you are floating on air.

Really, it makes no difference if you run for fitness or in competition – you deserve shoes that take care of your feet, allow you to focus on your goal instead of pain, and that let you fly over the distance with hardly a thought about your feet.  It’s all about the run, which is exactly the way those at New Balance running shoes feel, and why they design shoes to let you concentrate on everything else but the shoes you’re wearing.

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New Balance Running Shoes for Women – Lightweight Models Make Running a Breeze

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Everyone who has tried them know New Balance running shoes are simply like no others, but women in particular are singing their praises!  For many women, running is a freeing experience; it seems that the faster and farther women running2you go, the more your worries and stress disappear – and you feel great at the end of your run, exhilarated and accomplished.  Today, there are many lightweight models to choose from in New Balance running shoes for women, making you feel “light as air” as you get fit, compete, or simply run for the pleasure.

One example of the lightweight varieties is the W870, available in pink and black, silver and blue, or white and purple.  This  model rates five stars from many who have purchased it, and is a lightweight trainer designed for women who enjoy running off-road, but who want unmatched cushioning and gentle ground contact.  Support and comfort are supreme with this shoe, offering C-Cap midsole for flexibility and “light” cushioning, and Stability Web for torsional stability and midfoot support.  Ideal if your have pronation issues!

Another of the New Balance Running Shoes women have shown great support for is the WW665, available in Komen pink, white and blue, and black and purple.  This isww665 primarily a fitness walking shoe offering superior cushioning with Abzorb technology; the design is attractive and simple.

The WT1010 is another model which is colorful and unique in appearance.  Mostly grey and pink, this model offers gold patterned laces and a rough looking outer sole, a “cute” shoe for women who are style conscious even when running.  Built primarily for off-road running, this is a lightweight trainer that offers exceptional ground contact comfort and cushioning.  REVlite midsole foam and Vibram outsole makes for sleek construction.  Many women have stated in reviews that they wear this shoe for running and working out at the gym.

Another super lightweight New Balance running shoe for women is the W700X, available in virtual pink and black spike.  If you love the names of the colors, you will really love this shoe!  Designed to take dedicated cross country runners through the roughest of terrains or any grueling course, a rock stop plate and spike configuration make this a shoe that will take you to the finish line in fast, fierce motion.  For all you ladies that love pink (and not a pastel pink, either), you’re going to love the look and design of this shoe!  In a word, awesome.

wt710There are a few other models in the lightweight category for women in New Balance running shoes, including the W1080v2 in silver and teal, the WT710 in black and blue, and the W580v2 in silver and blue.  For most women, looks are important in a shoe even when it’s being worn to exercise, compete, or run like the wind.  However, if you pay no attention to the color or style of the shoe and are simply looking for the most possible support and comfort along with a light as air feel that lets you fly as fast as humanly possible, these are the shoes you want in your closet – not Nike, Adidas, or any other well-known brand you’ve seen (or possibly worn) over the years.

Today, women are more concerned about maintaining a healthy body and working out; many more women compete athletically than ever before in history.  Don’t we deserve to treat our feet to exceptional comfort and support, while getting a “leg up” on the competition?  Whether you’re a track runner, run the trails every morning at 7 a.m. or enjoy the challenge of running the toughest terrain or mountains, don’t let these lightweight options in the New Balance running shoes line pass you by.


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Why Try New Balance Running Shoes? Why Not!

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5K runConsidering the popularity and demand of New Balance running shoes, it only makes sense you would give them a try – particularly if you run for fitness, compete in 5 or 10K runs or run track.  The truth is, with a solution for every possible foot problem that exists, why not experience the best possible fit, comfort and support each and every time you run?  The staff at New Balance Running Shoes are dedicated to quality and attention to detail – and they do an impressive job of delivering on their promises.

It’s pretty amazing that a company which approaches advertising in such a different way from most other athletic shoe companies can experience such amazing success.  With New Balance running shoes, you’ll find there are no ‘hyped up’ celebrity sponsorship’s, nor will you see heavy ads on television, as this is one company that would rather put their money into creating a superior shoe rather than spending billions on ad campaigns.  Word-of-mouth is what has led the company to enjoy the tremendous level of success they have reached today.

Why should you give New Balance running shoes a try?  We see no reason why you shouldn’t, considering they’re priced competitively and generally cost no more than those fancy Nike, Reebok, Asics or Adidas athletic shoes with all of their fancy bells and whistles.  If you have special foot issues such as flat feet, an arch that is a bit too high, or if you tend to over- or under-pronate, there is an answer for you that will let you enjoy comfort and experience the best runs of your life.

The company doesn’t focus on designing a running shoe that is meant to be particularly ‘cute’ or good looking, but most are.  Dedicated runners place far more importance on a shoe that offers support, is comfortable, helps women-new-balance-w1690-minimus-cross-training-shoes-video-1them run faster and be lighter on their feet, and prevents injury than they do on good looks.  If you’re serious about having the run of your life and feeling great at the end of the day, New Balance running shoes are for you.  And yes, many of the styles available do look great with casual shorts in summer or sweatpants in colder months.

While running or jogging is great exercise and a fun challenge for those who like to compete, it can be hard on the body.  When feet are hitting the ground at a rapid pace, the entire body is affected by the jolt.  Aching legs and/or feet, sore ankles, even hip or back pain is common with runners which is natural considering the impact to the body when running on hard surfaces.  New Balance running shoes help minimize the impact, providing just the right amount of cushioning and support to let you enjoy every run, and not ‘pay for it’ at the end of the day.

happy-runningAre you a runner who greatly anticipates a challenge, and loves feeling light as air as you sprint toward the finish line?  Are you simply addicted to fitness, and love the positive reaction of your mind and body to every step you run?  No matter why you do it, the folks at New Balance running shoes focus on providing unparalleled solutions to those with a passion for running.  Why not give these incredible shoes a try today?

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New Balance Running Shoes – Where Good Looking Meets Comfort, Support, and Durability

June 3rd, 2013 admin Posted in New Balance Running Shoes | Comments Off on New Balance Running Shoes – Where Good Looking Meets Comfort, Support, and Durability

While the company focuses most on support, comfort and meeting the needs of those with special foot problems, New Balance Running Shoes are also extremely good looking!  While most runners don’t particularly care what their shoes look like as long as they provide support and promote speed and agility, others want a stylish shoe no matter what the occasion.  New Balance running shoes are the ideal blend of style, support, comfort and durability.

880One example of how stylish a good shoe can be is the 880, a somewhat feminine blend of gray, aqua and white with an aqua and white floral lining.  An update to the 759 model, this is the perfect shoe for the runner with a neutral gait; it offers exceptional cushioning, and unlike many other shoes that do not feel comfortable but instead are stiff, these are comfy right from the start.  In fact, one of the things many runners love most about New Balance running shoes is the fact that they don’t have to be “broken in” as most others do.

If you’re a runner, you know that most shoes (even the most well-known, expensive brands) can give you a jolt around the ankle area, leaving not only your feet but your ankles and heels sore at the end of the day.  The 880 New Balance running shoes have extra cushioning around the ankle and tongue areas, so your feet can feel great even after a full day of running or competing.  The only thing is, these are so cute you will hate getting them dirty!

Another super-cute shoe for women who are active and love to run are the 1080v2, and update to the extremely popular 1080 sports.  This shoe is definitely colorful, and 1080v2offers the smoothest possible transition from heel to toe, along with the ultimate in a soft ride.  Who knew that working out or competing could be so comfortable, and that you didn’t have to suffer sore, achy feet and legs at the end of the day?  These New Balance running shoes are quite appealing to the eye, and come in orange with red and silver touches, grey with purple and silver with teal.  Women can enjoy working out and being physically fit in shoes that are feminine and good looking enough to wear on casual outings with shorts and other casual or athletic wear!

If you prefer running on the pavement, take a look at the Minimus Zero, a scaled down, lightweight shoe that’s significantly pared down in the bulk department.  If you’ve found that every shoe you’ve ever tried to run in felt bulky, heavy or somehow awkward, you’ll find this New Balance running shoe a dream!  Whether you run with socks or prefer to run without them, the Minimus Zero super lightweight, odor resistant and offers a mesh/synthetic upper that supports the foot and provides comfort.  REVlite midsole is 30% lighter than other foams used in the manufacturing of athletic shoes; ACTEVAÔ midsole offers exceptional cushioning, yet is 12% lighter than foams most often used in running shoes.
minimuszero-productshotAnd what about looks?  The Minimus Zero is another winner, with options which include yellow, blue with black and white with silver and pink.  With the appearance of hardly any sole and an aerodynamic, streamlined look that’s light as air, these New Balance running shoes are unique in appearance, and sure to get noticed should you wear them for casual outings.

Now women do have choices, and you don’t have to either settle on athletic shoes that offer the durability, support or comfort you need, or those that are attractive, even cute!  New Balance running shoes make it easy to have the best of all worlds in a shoe that lets you look good while you enjoy the competition or workout of your life – without paying for it at the end of the day.

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New Balance Running Shoes – For Exercise or Running a Marathon, Nothing Compares

May 2nd, 2013 admin Posted in New Balance Running Shoes | Comments Off on New Balance Running Shoes – For Exercise or Running a Marathon, Nothing Compares

New Balance running shoes are really for anyone, whether you’re thing is jogging, running the most rugged trails, running around the high school track or competing in a marathon.  From easy running to fierce, competitive running where traction and lightness are factors, New Balance running shoes offer so many features in regards to support, comfort, fit and weight.  Whether you are a man or woman, you will definitely see a difference when you give this brand of shoe a try.

This is a company that strives every day, day in and day out, to improve on what is already near perfect.  Perhaps this is why New Balance running shoes are the most preferred in the world today for casual runners and athletes alike.  The company employs countless technologies to ensure the perfect fit, weight, durability, and solution to various foot problems such as over- or under-pronation, flat feet, etc.  These technologies include ABZORB, REVlight, Rollbar, End Cap, Medial Post and Stability Web, a technology which provides added arch support for those individuals who suffer with Plantar Fascitis.

For many people, shoes traditionally used for running or competition are heavy, and bog them down, resulting in decreased speed.  When an individual runs to win, it is essential that he or she can be “fast on their feet,” running at the highest speed possible – which can only be accomplished with a shoe that provides support, yet is light as air.  New Balance Running Shoes are often compared to barefoot running, simply because they seem weightless, the next best thing to running without any shoes at all.  Another benefit is the fact that many of the styles offer Abzorb technology, which is a cushioning technology created in conjunction with Dupont to protect feet from the hard impact of running, and provide exceptional comfort.

Speaking of a lighter feeling shoe for running, New Balance running shoes offers the REVlight style as mentioned above, which offers a midsole foam that is 30% lighter than common foams used in most other athletic or running shoes.  What if you’re a runner who has an extra wide or narrow foot?  No problem at all, as men’s shoes are available in sizes from 2A to 6E and women’s range from 4A to 4E.  This means from extra-narrow to extra extra-wide, you can enjoy great fit and comfort during each and every run, without shoes that are too narrow causing pinching, or shoes that are too wide flopping in the wind.  The fact is, when shoes are uncomfortable or do not fit correctly, it hinders your performance and can hold you back, something you never want in competition.

Imagine taking your morning or evening run for exercise, returning home after you’ve completed a couple of miles, and feeling complete and utter comfort.  No aching arches or ankles, no blisters or calluses caused by misfitting shoes.  It seems that those who want to stay in shape usually pay the price in one way or another, whether it’s aching feet or legs, a twisted ankle or simply sore feet because of the harsh impact as the “rubber hits the road,” so to speak.  With New Balance running shoes, you will thoroughly enjoy every run whether it’s a quick morning circle around the neighborhood or a 5K run participating with hundreds of other runners.

You’ve only got one pair of feet, so shouldn’t you take proper care of them?  Flat footed, high arches, pigeon toed, wide feet, narrow feet, feet that are both wide and flat-footed; no matter what your situation is, you can take great care of your feet and run like your life depends on it with New Balance running shoes.

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New Balance Running Shoes – Shoe of the Stars

April 15th, 2013 admin Posted in New Balance Running Shoes | Comments Off on New Balance Running Shoes – Shoe of the Stars

Over two decades ago, New Balance running shoes were endorsed by star athletes – in particular, James Worthy who was then a forward for the Los Angeles Lakers.  Unfortunately, legal trouble led to the end of Worthy’s endorsement deal with the company, and even shed a bad light on the company itself for a while.  Advertising campaigns for the company for a time includes tag lines such as “Endorsed by No One.”  Company owners Jim and Anne Davis wanted to ensure that New Balance running shoes had a strong presence with professionals, particularly runners, but did not want to include them in advertising.  Ultimately, the couple paid athletes small fees to maintain their presence in the U.S., while other companies such as Nike and Reebok paid big bucks to celebrities like Michael Jordan.

In the end, New Balance Running Shoes are some of the most popular today, even though the company has never resorted to the level of national television advertising and media coverage that other athletic shoes have used.  In the late 90s, the company was connected more to consumers in their early 40s, rather then kids or teenagers.  Around this time a new sports marketing director, Mark Cavanaugh, arrived to put New Balance running shoes in the market where they should be, which was with athletes.  Where did he come from?  Nike, of course.

Cavanaugh said that the company realized that instead of becoming known as a runner’s or athlete’s shoe, they were becoming known as “my parent’s brand” or simply a running brand – and not much else.  To turn things around and put New Balance running shoes in a more enviable position, the decision was made by Cavanaugh and the board in 2009 to put athletes back in the center of things in a way that included a monetary commitment to charity.

While there are hundreds of thousands of people today who would have no other shoe on their feet for running track, competing in marathons or simply running for fitness or enjoyment, there are plenty of athletes who are proud to show which shoes they endorse.  Some of them include R.A. Dickey, Nick Swisher, Curtis Granderson and Miguel Cabrera, winner of the Triple Crown.  Seems that Major League Baseball players can’t get enough of New Balance running shoes these days!

In all, there are about 380 athletes who wear the brand of shoes, most of them baseball players.  Cavanaugh said that overall, about 20% of the players who wear them do so with no contract, simply because they want to.  About 30% are paid cash in some form, while 50% of players enjoy merchandise credits with New Balance and free shoes.  For the company, this is the ideal way to remain strong in the market while not spending an exorbitant amount of money on advertising as many other athletic shoe companies do.

While other big brands may always continue to heavily promote their products and pay athletes/celebrities big bucks to endorse their products, the folks at New Balance running shoes know there is another way to come out in front – by offering a superior product that’s durable, appealing, and offers the comfort and support runners and athletes demand.  While it may have taken the company years to come to the forefront, there is no doubt today that New Balance is a formidable opponent, running right along in the midst of some of the biggest names in footwear.

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