New Balance Running Shoes – The Solution for Special Foot Problems in Active Individuals

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People who are fans of New Balance Running Shoes know that the brand has a solution for nearly any foot problem, allowing those who want to enjoy an active lifestyle the ability to do so.  Whether you have flat feet, plantar fasciitis, pronation issues or simply need more support and cushioning, you can relay on the folks at New Balance running shoes to provide solutions.  Here are a few of the issues that runners face today, and possible solutions to make running safer and more comfortable.

Plantar Fasciitis

With this painful condition, runners typically start the day with a small amount of pain which gradually builds throughout the day.  What causes this condition?  The ligament that runs the length of the foot and is attached to your toes and heels is known as the plantar fascia.  This ligament can become inflamed and extremely irritated, causing a “spiking” type of pain when the affected individual walks, runs or engages in almost any physical activity.  Many with the condition also find that the foot becomes stiff.  When this ligament is torn or becomes inflamed, intense pain may ensue.

What types of New Balance running shoes are best for plantar fasciitis?  There are three designs that are ideal for women who suffer from this condition, which include:

New Balance X-Sole Women’s Motion Control Insole

New Balance Women’s W1140 Optimal Control Running Shoe

New Balance Women’s WR1012 Nbx Motion Control Running Shoe

Do you have flat feet?  Those who are flat-footed tend to experience more problems with back and/or knee pain, tendonitis and shin splints.  However, if you’re a runner you will be happy to know that New Balance running shoes have solutions that make it possible for you to enjoy your run, have the arch support you need, and decrease or eliminate the pain.  Some of the designs which are ideal for those with flat feet include:

For women

New Balance 1260, 1012 and 940 Stability Running Shoes 1540 Motion Control and 990 Mild Motion Control

For men

New Balance 1260, 1012 and 940 Stability Running Shoes 1540 Motion Control and 990 Mild Motion Control

While you may never have heard of pronation, many people experience this foot problem and don’t realize what it is.  Typically found in individuals with low arches, pronation is basically an inward tilt rotation of the back and mid areas of the foot when an individual bears weight; the outside area of the middle foot area tends to lift, and the forefoot (toe area) swings outward.  If you suffer from over- or under-pronation, there are New Balance running shoes that offer the support, stability and motion control you need to run, whether you engage in competitive running or do it for fitness and enjoyment.  These designs include:

New Balance 870, 1012 and 940 Stability Running Shoes 1123 and 1540 Motion Control Running Shoes

The fact is, the majority of people suffer from one type of foot problem or another, which can be a real problem if you are a runner.  Some give up a sport or activity they are truly passionate about, simply because the pain or other consequences of running become almost unbearable.  New Balance running shoes offer a wide array of options for all types of conditions, so that those who are passionate about running can enjoy themselves without paying the price afterward.

Do you have a particular foot problem that either prevents you from running, or leaves you regretting your decision at the end of the day?  Give New Balance running shoes a try – you won’t be disappointed, and you’ll find that your painful issue is no longer one that controls your life and activity level.

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New Balance Running Shoes Make Every Run Feel Like Less Work

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Running, whether in competition or purely for fitness, can feel like a lot of work – unless you’re wearing New Balance running shoes.  Those who enjoy running have a passion for it; the more you run, the farther you sometimes want to go.  When you’re competing against other runners, you know that the lighter you feel, the faster you can run.  In order for your feet to “fly” without feeling like they’re being weighed down or encumbered, you need the right footwear.  More to the point, you need New Balance running shoes, the athletic shoe that is chosen by more runners than any other running shoe in the world.

Some athletic footwear simply isn’t meant for speed, and in fact is designed more for those who walk at a leisurely pace, or just like to wear them with shorts, jeans or other casual apparel because of their comfort.  However, when you are a serious runner or a formidable opponent, you want the best shoe for your needs, and for the money you spend.  New Balance running shoes offer a wide variety for every need, whether you need extra support, superior cushioning, support in the arch area or just a lightweight shoe that protects your feet while allowing for lightning speed.

In recent years, more and more people are trending toward what has become known as “barefoot” or “minimalist” running, which is just what the name implies – running barefoot, or as close to that as possible.  Why?  The feeling is light, free and natural, although many have confessed it’s a bit rough on the feet, particularly on tough terrain.  New Balance Running Shoes have an answer for this, not surprisingly – the 2012 Minimus Zero line, available in both trail and road models.  While there have been rave reviews on both, the trail model is a radical change from what most people know of New Balance running shoes.

The MT (Minimus Trail) is a minimalist, lighter shoe which features a zero-dropped sole, meaning that the height of the heel and forefoot is equal.  For many runners, this has helped to alleviate knee pain, which is often associated with a shoe that is higher in the forefoot and lower in the heel.  Now that this issue has been solved, runners are finding that they can run faster than ever, feeling light as air all the way – and without suffering for it afterward.  These New Balance running shoes also feature less rubber, as the designers of the shoe shaved a significant amount off of the sole, resulting in a shoe that is far lighter in weight and offers more flexibility, something minimalists love in a running shoe.

If you enjoy running trails, you’re going to love the New Balance MT series of running shoes.  The Minimus Zero is ideal for running on non-technical trails, while the MT 10/20 and MT110 models offer a bit more protection in the sole area.  Composed of round pods, the soles of most of the minimalist design options offer a “sticky” feel which has been touted to provide good traction even on the hardest rock surfaces.

More perks?  The mesh upper of the Minimus Zero trail shoe is so thin, you can literally see through it.  This allows for great ventilation, while making the shoe even more lightweight for those “barefoot” runners who desire that light as air, unencumbered feeling.  If you’re ready for a shoe that feels like you’re wearing nothing at all and offers a run that feels like less work, try the new line of New Balance running shoes.  There’s simply nothing else like them in the world when it comes to quality, comfort, durability, and yes, even price.

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New Balance Running Shoes – The Options Will Amaze You!

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New Balance running shoes offer an amazing array of styles and designs for every need, from running trainers and racing shoes to trail running shoes. Depending upon your particular needs, these shoes offer various design elements for those who need extra arch support, support in the ankle area, even for those who have problems with over- or under-pronation. For years, New Balance running shoes have been the most selected brand over other athletic type shoes, and for good reason. They’re simply superior. No other shoe manufacturer in the world goes to such lengths testing, analyzing, putting their own products through the “ringer,” so to speak.

What is available in running trainers? If you intend to put in a lot of miles, you may want to consider the 1011 New Balance running shoes, which offer maximum motion control combined with lightweight design and GR technology for added stability in the rear foot area. Those who simply need comfort and exceptional support, whether men or women, will like the 498 which is a classic, traditional design. Finally, a sport today that is gaining a lot of attention is ChiRunning; this sport involves the combination of running and tai chi. Those who are in to this new sport will find the 800 model a great shoe, as it offers a Lightning Dry liner and a Phantom Liner for lightweight and comfortable support.

As far as the designs offered for those who race or participate in competitive running, New Balance Running Shoes offers a wide array of options. Among them are the 205, which is a unisex design made for long-distance and marathon runners. This shoe features Abzorb heel cushioning and ACTEVA mid-sole cushions, so that you can enjoy exceptional support and comfort no matter how hard you run. The 505 model is a great choice for women or men who participate in cross-country running, as it works great on the rough, rugged terrain those who run cross country often encounter, offering exceptional traction.

New Balance running shoes also offers an exceptional line of trail running shoes for those who want a shoe they can depend on for durability, support and comfort. The 904 is a high-traction running shoe that is lightweight and offers trail support; in fact, this shoe was named in National Geographic Magazine as the 2009 “Best Adventure Gear.” If you’re environmentally conscious, the 070 is the first of the New Balance running shoes to be considered “green.” This shoe is designed in a way that reduces waste, and is manufactured from recycled materials. Finally, if you’re in the market for a hardy trail shoe that can easily stand up to the most demanding, strenuous trail running, the 840 is ideal, and designed with the New Balance Phantom Liner so that you can enjoy great comfort, no matter how hard you run.

No matter what your running needs, you can easily see that there is a shoe with your name on it! While New Balance running shoes are designed more for maximum performance, support and durability than for looks, they’re still great looking shoes – good looking enough that you would be proud to pair them with shorts, jeans or other casual attire when you’re out and about running errands. If your serious about working out or competing, never underestimate the importance of the right shoe. With New Balance running shoes, you simply cannot go wrong in terms of quality, durability and price.

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Are New Balance Running Shoes Good for Fitness Walkers?

June 4th, 2012 admin Posted in New Balance Running Shoes Comments Off on Are New Balance Running Shoes Good for Fitness Walkers?

Are New Balance Running Shoes Good for Fitness Walkers?

Many people are “fitness walkers;” that is, they walk at a quick pace for the physical and cardiovascular benefits.  The name New Balance running shoes implies that the shoes are designed for running, but are they also a good choice for those who enjoy walking for fitness?  Yes and no – it depends on the shoe you choose and its features, but there are several designs that are indeed good for those who would rather walk than run.

Some of the New Balance running shoes are designed with a substantial amount of heavy cushioning for runners, which is not an ideal choice for those who enjoy walking.  Designs that offer flexibility in the forefoot are ideal for people who engage in fitness walking, and also offer comfort for those who participate in half marathon and marathon walking, as well as training.  If you’re looking for New Balance running shoes that offer comfort and support for walking purposes, you’ll find the following information very useful.

What is the difference between walking and running?  While it may seem that both are the same other than one movement is faster than the other, the two really impact your feet in a totally different way. When running, your body weight is not distributed as evenly as it is when walking.  Walking requires that your body absorbs 1 to 2 times your body weight with every step you take, while running puts 2 to 3 times your body weight on each foot as you hit your stride.  The “strike” of the foot on the ground is also different when you walk than it is when you run.

So, if you’re a fitness walker and not a runner, what are the features you should look for in New Balance running shoes? 

A low heel is one feature that is a must for fitness walkers.  Many athletic shoes are designed with a higher heel, which helps offer support in the ball area of the foot for runners who land on this area when running.  Flexibility is another must for walkers; many running shoes do not offer “flex” motion, because in the movement of running the forefront of the shoe does not need to bend as much as a shoe for an individual who walks.

Look for New Balance running shoes that have no flare; in other words, you want a heel that is undercut, and angles in from the ground.  A flared or built-up heel will put a harder (and unnatural) impact on your feet, ankles and legs, because you land on the heel when you walk.  Flared or “built up” heels offer additional stability for those who run, something you do not need as a fitness walker.

Of course, proper fit is a must.  If you cannot determine on your own which of the New Balance Running Shoes are ideal for your needs, a store with trained staff can help assess your gait, foot problems (such as flat arches or a tendency to pronate) and whether you may need additional stability or motion control.  However, when you find the right New Balance running shoes, you’ll find that fitness walking is more enjoyable than ever before – and you may find yourself extending your walk just a bit!

Ultimately, fitness walkers can depend on New Balance running shoes – but be sure to keep the tips above in mind so that you have the proper support and comfort for your needs.  All athletic shoes are NOT created equal, and choosing the wrong shoes can essentially put unnecessary stress on your feet, ankles, and even

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Why All The Praise for New Balance Running Shoes?

March 2nd, 2012 admin Posted in New Balance Running Shoes Comments Off on Why All The Praise for New Balance Running Shoes?

Those who enjoy running or jogging, whether for fitness, competition or simply the enjoyment highly praise New Balance running shoes. What used to be a somewhat obscure brand not too many years ago has taken the world by storm in recent years. Why all of the hoopla, and what makes New Balance running shoes any better than other well-known names that have been popular across the nation over the years?

First of all, the company puts the comfort and health of the consumer’s foot first, instead of focusing on flashing lights and styles that attract attention. Those who run for their health or compete in track, at marathons or in other competitive sports are far more concerned about comfort, speed and support than whether the shoes they are wearing “look good.” That’s not to say that New Balance running shoes aren’t stylish, as they absolutely are – and good looking enough to wear anywhere that casual dress is accepted.

The truth is, most people have some type of problem with their feet, whether they tend to sweat alot, are flat footed or have higher than usual arches. You may over- or under-pronate, or need extra support around the ankles. No matter what a runner’s situation or foot problem, New Balance Running Shoes has the solution. It is important when you are a runner that your feet are comfortable, well supported and protected from the impact of your feet striking the ground. Running not only has a tendency to leave you with foot or ankle injuries, your legs, knees and back may suffer as well if you do not have the right shoes.

The New Balance running shoes you choose may differ depending upon the surface you intend to run on. Some individuals run on a paved surface, while others who compete may run on a dirt track. Still others enjoy running a rugged trail in the wilderness, which may require a different type of shoe for the best grip and support. Here are a few examples of the varieties available to you today for various support/foot problems:

If your foot is normal with few or no problems such as flat arches, neutral New Balance running shoes are a good choice. Some of the styles include the 1063, 883 and 758. Do you find that extra cushioning would be helpful to protect your feet from the jolt and impact of running? New Balance cushioning/stability shoes include the WR1226, the 859 and 904. Some runners find that they have trouble with motion control; if your foot tends to roll inward as you run, the 1123, 1011 or MR1224 are good options that control the inward rolling motion.

In a nutshell, runners want the most comfort, support and protection possible no matter why they run. Those who run marathons or compete in track and/or field events want an advantage when it comes to speed. For every need, New Balance running shoes provides the ultimate solution for those who want to fly without being dragged down by shoes that are heavy or cumbersome, or that leave them with tired, sore or aching feet.

If you run for fitness, it may be a task that you don’t really look forward to simply because your shoes don’t feel good on your feet, or your legs hurt at the end of the day. New Balance running shoes offer a feeling that’s “light as air,” making your run much more enjoyable; in fact, you may find that you actually look forward to those workouts! Now, it’s easy to understand why this is the most highly sought after brand of running shoe not only in the U.S., but in the world.

Mark South
New Balance Running Shoes

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Choose New Balance Running Shoes, and Be Prepared to Be Amazed

December 28th, 2011 admin Posted in New Balance Running Shoes Comments Off on Choose New Balance Running Shoes, and Be Prepared to Be Amazed

If you are a runner, you know how liberating it is to fly at top speed, feeling light on your feet and exuberant. New Balance running shoes enhance this feeling, making you feel light as air as you run your fastest ever. Whether you run for the enjoyment or compete in the longest marathons, you love it – or you wouldn’t do it. As you run, you can literally feel your body becoming more lean and healthier; there is simply no feeling like it in the world. New Balance Running Shoes allow you to run as far and as fast as you like, without the dread of achy, sore feet and legs at the end of the day.

Injuries are another problem runners often face; when your shoes aren’t designed specifically for any foot problems you may have or are not properly cushioned, you can suffer ankle injuries, sprains and even back or hip pain. New Balance running shoes are crafted in countless styles for every need, whether you are flat footed, tend to under or over pronate, or simply need more support. It is essential that you enjoy great comfort when you run so that you can perform your best, but you also want protection from injuries. New Balance running shoes offer the best of both worlds in one amazing shoe!


You may be competing on a dirt track at the high school level, or running on hard pavement as you compete in marathons several times each year. Perhaps your biggest enjoyment is jogging or running the rough terrain of the
mountains. Whatever type of activity you prefer, it simply isn’t enjoyable when your feet hurt, blisters are rubbing on your heels, your ankles ache and your shoes seem to weigh more than you do. New Balance running shoes address all of these problems, making your running experience the most enjoyable and enlightening of your life.

There are plenty of well-known running and athletic shoe manufacturers out there today, but most are more attuned to style and fashion rather than comfort and support. With New Balance running shoes, you can expect both a superior fit and great looks, so you can wear your shoes with your jeans, shorts, athletic wear or whatever you like and still look great. The company puts comfort and safety first, constantly testing every product to ensure that it is the best it can be, and making improvements where they are needed. The top priority of those who design New Balance running shoes is to offer a superb fit, durability and

support, giving runners a competitive edge and protection against injuries.

Sure, flashing lights are cute and attract plenty of attention – but when you’re running for your best time ever in competition, isn’t speed and comfort what really matters? Add to that the fact the New Balance running shoes are built to last, so you won’t be spending a fortune on shoes that will quickly wear out, and you can easily see why these are the most preferred shoes for those who run around the world.

Think of all of the well-known brands in athletic shoes – Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Asics, Saucony, the list is endless. The truth is, no matter how many brands you can come up with (and most cost a pretty penny), none come close to the quality of New Balance running shoes. There is a good reason that these shoes are in high demand and the superior choice for serious runners everywhere – they are simply the best in every area that counts.

Mark South
New Balance Running Shoes

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New Balance Running Shoes – Proper Fit and Buying Online

November 28th, 2011 admin Posted in New Balance Running Shoes Comments Off on New Balance Running Shoes – Proper Fit and Buying Online

Whether you’re already a runner or are considering undertaking this sport so that you can become fit, you can’t underestimate the importance of a good running shoe. You need a shoe that fits properly so that you can avoid pain and even serious injury. Many people, for example, have high arches or flat feet, which require specialized running shoes that fit just right. Choose the wrong shoe, and you’ll not only make your workouts harder than they have to be, but you could actually injure yourself permanently. Fortunately, New Balance running shoes can take care of this problem for you.

Proper positioning prevents injury

If you’ve ever experienced the pain of shin splints, you’re not alone. Shin splints are very common, but they’re also very serious. Left unchecked, shin splints can lead to stress fractures. Bone spurs are also common occurrences that happen because of improper positioning when you run. Bone spurs happen because your body is trying to heal a previous injury, but these, too, can have lasting negative consequences.

The first thing to do if you’ve got any type of injury is to get medical attention and then heal before you undertake further physical activity. Once healed (or if you haven’t been injured), consider buying New Balance running shoes. They can go a long way toward preventing these injuries in the first place because they provide proper alignment, but they also prevent injury from recurring because they protect you with proper positioning.

How to buy New Balance running shoes for proper fit

These days, shopping online is a convenient and easy way to buy everything; although it’s often a good idea to “try before you buy” for good fit with New Balance Running Shoes, you don’t necessarily have to. You can buy online as long as you are aware of a few essential details about your particular physiology and can buy accordingly.

Determine what the proper fit will be before you buy

Before you buy New Balance running shoes online, you’ll need to figure out what type of fit you will need to correct any existing alignment problems. You’ll need to determine whether or not you need a shoe that has stability, motion control, or cushioning. For this, you’ll need to determine whether you overpronate your foot. This is easy to figure out.

First, step barefoot in water and then step on a piece of paper. Without a sliding or otherwise moving your foot in a way that would distort the image this produces, lift your foot directly off the paper so that you can see the outline that’s left. If you can see the entire outline of your foot, including your arch, you are prone to overpronate your foot when you run. With this, you’re going to need New Balance running shoes that provide stability or motion control.

If only some of the arch is visible, you have “neutral” positioning and can benefit from a New Balance running shoe that provides stability or cushioning. If you can’t see your arch or there’s only a small visible “sliver,” you are prone to under-pronation and will need a shoe with cushioning.

With this knowledge in mind, you can then buy a New Balance running shoe that fits your needs perfectly. The New Balance running shoe sites should also have shoes that fit your needs depending on your foot positioning that fit your budget. In this way, you can be sure to get reasonably priced, good quality New Balance running shoes that have proper fit and keep your foot in its proper positioning, so that you can at least prevent injury from recurring; ideally, you can keep injury from happening at all while you pursue your workouts free of worry, focused only on good health.

Mark South
New Balance Running Shoes

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New Balance Running Shoes Put You At The Top of Your Game

October 28th, 2011 admin Posted in New Balance Running Shoes Comments Off on New Balance Running Shoes Put You At The Top of Your Game

Wouldn’t you love to be “light on your feet” and run faster than the speed of light?  With New Balance Running Shoes, you definitely have an edge over the competition.  These shoes, while great for anyone who enjoys running, are ideal for those who take running seriously and who want to fly through their run with the greatest of ease without the achy, sore feet or potential injuries you might suffer with other athletic shoes.  If you are passionate about fitness or competing, you are missing out on the most exceptional shoe of all time if you aren’t wearing New Balance running shoes.
Often referred to as “barefoot running” shoes, these shoes are the closest thing to running barefoot that you will find.  Superior support, lightweight and cushioned to help absorb the impact of the heel striking the ground, New Balance running shoes make you feel as though you are running on air.  The company takes the comfort and protection of their customers very seriously; in fact, the research and development department take the shoes through rigorous tests to ensure that they produce the best shoe each and every time. The technicians at New Balance running shoes even analyze the form of runners who run in marathons and as professional athletes in order to determine how most people run, whether they run with a heel-to-toe motion, heel-to-toe step or midfoot strike.  Now THAT is showing a real passion for what you do – and should make every potential customer understand just how serious the company is about producing a superior shoe.
Most runners would love to run barefoot, but that option just isn’t sensible today considering all of the hard-top surfaces that people run on.  Feet are tough, but they aren’t meant to run on concrete, asphalt and other rock-hard surfaces.  New Balance running shoes make every run as easy as running barefoot, but with the protection you need to keep your feet, legs, ankles and hips in good condition.  Running on sidewalks, roads and other surfaces can often result in stress impact injuries, especially if running barefoot.  With the right shoe, you can experience the next best thing while protecting your feet from injuries.
Whether you’re a man, woman or teen who runs for enjoyment, fitness or in the fiercest of competitions, you want a shoe that lets you fly like an eagle and leave the competition in the dust – but you also want a shoe that feels light as air and comfortable.  Nothing is worse than heavy, sweaty shoes when you want to enjoy a run, and New Balance running shoes even take care of the “sweaty feet” factor by offering exceptional breathability.  Once you try these amazing shoes out for yourself, you will be sold.  In fact, it’s highly unlikely that you will ever purchase another brand other than New Balance again.
There are many well-known brands of running and athletic shoes available today; some depend on their great looks or promises of “leg and butt toning” abilities, while others count on the name and/or logo itself to sell the shoes.  With New Balance running shoes, you get a quality, dependable shoe that outlasts the rest, and has been strenuously tested to ensure that the shoes meet the high standards the company requires for their customers.  Why even consider other shoes, when you can have the “cream of the crop” for the same price you would pay for the other well-known brands?
If you demand a lot from yourself and want to be at the top of your game no matter why you run, give New Balance running shoes a try.  You will find that you can run faster and farther than ever before – and the funny thing is, your feet won’t even realize that you have really given them a workout.

Mark South
New Balance Running Shoes

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The Phenomenal Success of New Balance Running Shoes

September 30th, 2011 admin Posted in New Balance Running Shoes Comments Off on The Phenomenal Success of New Balance Running Shoes

New Balance running shoes have been the top choice of runners all over the nation for years – and for good reason.  The quality, durability and wide array of styles designed for specific types of foot problems make them the best athletic shoes of all time.  It makes no difference whether you have high arches, are flat footed or walk on the inside or outside of your feet; New Balance running shoes offer a solution for all needs.
In fact, the United States isn’t the only country where New Balance Running Shoes have taken over the world of runners.  The company has taken the lead in over 120 countries and continues to expand in response to the demands of the consumer.  The company continuously tests its products rigorously to ensure that the customer always gets the very best in a running shoe that is durable and will hold up long after other brands have disintegrated.  Through testing and ever-evolving technologies, New Balance running shoes are always a step ahead of the competition.
Many individuals run for their own enjoyment and to stay fit, while others compete, run in marathons or jog the trails for a challenging workout.  It really doesn’t make any difference whether you are a fierce competitor or run for the sheer enjoyment, New Balance running shoes simply cannot be matched.  If you are an experienced runner, you know that most shoes do not offer the support you need; some are heavy and drag you down.  At the end of the day, you are left with sore, aching feet and even a few blisters.  These shoes are light as a feather, making you feel as though you are running barefoot.  It is a truly liberating experience for those who don’t want to feel that anything is holding them back.
You may need a neutral running shoe, one with extra cushioning and stability or a shoe that offers motion control.  New Balance running shoes offer superior breathability as well, so that your feet stay cool and comfortable where others may leave you with sweaty feet.  These outstanding shoes offer support to the midfoot, exceptional cushioning in the heel and forefoot area, enhanced supportive cushioning and Graphite Rollbar for those who need pronation control.
Begun in 1961 as the Trackster, New Balance running shoes have since taken the world by storm.  The company is innovative and demanding, working to reach perfection in every shoe designed.  Whether you have a wide or narrow foot or any other problem, you can find running shoes that will set you free so that you can experience the best running of your life.  When it comes to high performance, you will never find a shoe that compares even in the other well-known brands that have been around for decades.
When you wear a shoe that fits and offers superior support there is far less risk of injuries.  If you have ever turned an ankle, you know how painful it can be.  The impact of running can leave you with aching knees, a stiff back and sore feet.  Over time, the impact of your heels striking the pavement can progressively damage your body.  When you desire a shoe that protects you from injuries and offers supreme comfort and wear, count on New Balance running shoes.
Sure, you can probably purchase athletic shoes that look snazzy, have lights that flash and all kinds of bells and whistles, but do they help you run your best race, leave you comfortable and protect you from injuries?  While New Balance running shoes ARE the best as far as support, comfort, quality and durability, they’re not bad looking, either.  Give them a try – you will be impressed.

Mark South
New Balance Running Shoes

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New Balance Running Shoes – Built to Take Abuse and Keep On Going

August 29th, 2011 admin Posted in New Balance Running Shoes Comments Off on New Balance Running Shoes – Built to Take Abuse and Keep On Going

If you’re an avid runner, you likely go through a lot of money replacing your running shoes.  New Balance running shoes are built to last, even for those who dish out a lot of abuse.  You may run for exercise, or compete in the toughest marathons; maybe you run hiking trails or up the steepest mountains.  When you want a shoe you can depend on for support, comfort and durability, count on the world’s best loved shoes, New Balance Running Shoes.
Popular not only in the United States, these shoes are a huge hit in Germany, Japan, France, Australia and other areas.  Many runners today are loyal to the brand and simple refuse to run in any other shoe.  Once you get used to the best, it’s hard to revert back to other brands that are inferior and not up to the standards of New Balance running shoes.  What makes these so different from other popular brands?  While the company began by providing shoes with good arch support, they have since become committed to the perfect fit and support no matter what foot problems a runner may have.
Available in a wide range of widths, New Balance running shoes offer solutions for those with narrow feet, wide feet, flat feet and even over or under-pronation.  This allows even those who do not have “perfect feet” to run to their heart’s content, whether it is in competition or for pure enjoyment.  Running can be hard and even damaging to the body; heels, feet, ankles, knees and even hips can suffer when you do not have the proper shoes.  These athletic shoes provide cushioning, stability and motion control so that even at the end of the day, your feet feel good instead of sore, achy or stiff.
New Balance running shoes offer exceptional performance to every runner; the company offers products that are extremely durable and reliable for runners, lasting far longer than other running shoes.  While the company doesn’t put so much emphasis on looks and style as other companies may, these shoes are good looking but most importantly designed to offer support, comfort and longevity.  Always up-to-date in the latest technologies, New Balance running shoes are always a step ahead of other brands as the company conducts scientific tests to ensure that their products are superior to others.
Abzorb, NB Zip and Acteva Lite are a few of the technologies used in manufacturing New Balance running shoes.  Acteva Lite is a technology that makes the midsole foam area of the shoe extremely durable, yet lightweight so that you can run lightly without that “weighed down” feeling.  The Abzorb technology offered in the shoes relates to innovative foam cushions which allow the shoes to conform to your feet for the perfect fit, helping protect them from impact when your heels hit the ground.
You may run 2 miles every day to stay fit; maybe you practice on the track when preparing for a 15 mile marathon, or jog nature trails 3 times every week.  No matter how frequent or seldom you run, you can depend on New Balance running shoes for not only comfort and stability, but to last when other athletic shoes have disintegrated.  The price may be a bit steep, but when you consider that you would likely buy two pairs of another brand to equal the use you get from a single pair of New Balance running shoes, it’s actually a very smart investment – not only financially, but for the health of your feet.

Mark South
New Balance Running Shoes

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