New Balance Running Shoes for Women – Lightweight Models Make Running a Breeze

Everyone who has tried them know New Balance running shoes are simply like no others, but women in particular are singing their praises!  For many women, running is a freeing experience; it seems that the faster and farther women running2you go, the more your worries and stress disappear – and you feel great at the end of your run, exhilarated and accomplished.  Today, there are many lightweight models to choose from in New Balance running shoes for women, making you feel “light as air” as you get fit, compete, or simply run for the pleasure.

One example of the lightweight varieties is the W870, available in pink and black, silver and blue, or white and purple.  This  model rates five stars from many who have purchased it, and is a lightweight trainer designed for women who enjoy running off-road, but who want unmatched cushioning and gentle ground contact.  Support and comfort are supreme with this shoe, offering C-Cap midsole for flexibility and “light” cushioning, and Stability Web for torsional stability and midfoot support.  Ideal if your have pronation issues!

Another of the New Balance Running Shoes women have shown great support for is the WW665, available in Komen pink, white and blue, and black and purple.  This isww665 primarily a fitness walking shoe offering superior cushioning with Abzorb technology; the design is attractive and simple.

The WT1010 is another model which is colorful and unique in appearance.  Mostly grey and pink, this model offers gold patterned laces and a rough looking outer sole, a “cute” shoe for women who are style conscious even when running.  Built primarily for off-road running, this is a lightweight trainer that offers exceptional ground contact comfort and cushioning.  REVlite midsole foam and Vibram outsole makes for sleek construction.  Many women have stated in reviews that they wear this shoe for running and working out at the gym.

Another super lightweight New Balance running shoe for women is the W700X, available in virtual pink and black spike.  If you love the names of the colors, you will really love this shoe!  Designed to take dedicated cross country runners through the roughest of terrains or any grueling course, a rock stop plate and spike configuration make this a shoe that will take you to the finish line in fast, fierce motion.  For all you ladies that love pink (and not a pastel pink, either), you’re going to love the look and design of this shoe!  In a word, awesome.

wt710There are a few other models in the lightweight category for women in New Balance running shoes, including the W1080v2 in silver and teal, the WT710 in black and blue, and the W580v2 in silver and blue.  For most women, looks are important in a shoe even when it’s being worn to exercise, compete, or run like the wind.  However, if you pay no attention to the color or style of the shoe and are simply looking for the most possible support and comfort along with a light as air feel that lets you fly as fast as humanly possible, these are the shoes you want in your closet – not Nike, Adidas, or any other well-known brand you’ve seen (or possibly worn) over the years.

Today, women are more concerned about maintaining a healthy body and working out; many more women compete athletically than ever before in history.  Don’t we deserve to treat our feet to exceptional comfort and support, while getting a “leg up” on the competition?  Whether you’re a track runner, run the trails every morning at 7 a.m. or enjoy the challenge of running the toughest terrain or mountains, don’t let these lightweight options in the New Balance running shoes line pass you by.


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