New Balance Running Shoes – Where Good Looking Meets Comfort, Support, and Durability

While the company focuses most on support, comfort and meeting the needs of those with special foot problems, New Balance Running Shoes are also extremely good looking!  While most runners don’t particularly care what their shoes look like as long as they provide support and promote speed and agility, others want a stylish shoe no matter what the occasion.  New Balance running shoes are the ideal blend of style, support, comfort and durability.

880One example of how stylish a good shoe can be is the 880, a somewhat feminine blend of gray, aqua and white with an aqua and white floral lining.  An update to the 759 model, this is the perfect shoe for the runner with a neutral gait; it offers exceptional cushioning, and unlike many other shoes that do not feel comfortable but instead are stiff, these are comfy right from the start.  In fact, one of the things many runners love most about New Balance running shoes is the fact that they don’t have to be “broken in” as most others do.

If you’re a runner, you know that most shoes (even the most well-known, expensive brands) can give you a jolt around the ankle area, leaving not only your feet but your ankles and heels sore at the end of the day.  The 880 New Balance running shoes have extra cushioning around the ankle and tongue areas, so your feet can feel great even after a full day of running or competing.  The only thing is, these are so cute you will hate getting them dirty!

Another super-cute shoe for women who are active and love to run are the 1080v2, and update to the extremely popular 1080 sports.  This shoe is definitely colorful, and 1080v2offers the smoothest possible transition from heel to toe, along with the ultimate in a soft ride.  Who knew that working out or competing could be so comfortable, and that you didn’t have to suffer sore, achy feet and legs at the end of the day?  These New Balance running shoes are quite appealing to the eye, and come in orange with red and silver touches, grey with purple and silver with teal.  Women can enjoy working out and being physically fit in shoes that are feminine and good looking enough to wear on casual outings with shorts and other casual or athletic wear!

If you prefer running on the pavement, take a look at the Minimus Zero, a scaled down, lightweight shoe that’s significantly pared down in the bulk department.  If you’ve found that every shoe you’ve ever tried to run in felt bulky, heavy or somehow awkward, you’ll find this New Balance running shoe a dream!  Whether you run with socks or prefer to run without them, the Minimus Zero super lightweight, odor resistant and offers a mesh/synthetic upper that supports the foot and provides comfort.  REVlite midsole is 30% lighter than other foams used in the manufacturing of athletic shoes; ACTEVAÔ midsole offers exceptional cushioning, yet is 12% lighter than foams most often used in running shoes.
minimuszero-productshotAnd what about looks?  The Minimus Zero is another winner, with options which include yellow, blue with black and white with silver and pink.  With the appearance of hardly any sole and an aerodynamic, streamlined look that’s light as air, these New Balance running shoes are unique in appearance, and sure to get noticed should you wear them for casual outings.

Now women do have choices, and you don’t have to either settle on athletic shoes that offer the durability, support or comfort you need, or those that are attractive, even cute!  New Balance running shoes make it easy to have the best of all worlds in a shoe that lets you look good while you enjoy the competition or workout of your life – without paying for it at the end of the day.

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